Quick Turn / Rapid Response

 Do you have an emergency? Do you need parts fast? Are you Line Down?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then InterLnX is the solution to your problem! We specialize in providing rapid response and quick turn services to our customers. We routinely help customers by turning a phone call with a request into a built, inspected, and shipped product in HOURS. The key to making this happen is our corporate mindset that drives us to always put ourselves in their shoes. 

Call or Email now and we will show how it feels to be treated like you are our only customer!


We pride ourselves in building relationships with our customers.The ability to REACT to spikes or emergencies and our "Bend-Over-Backwards for our customers" corporate mentality is why over 90% of our new business is "word of mouth" driven. I personally stand by our pledge that you will not find a Contract Manufacturer that has better Quality, Delivery, and Customer Service. 

Call and speak to me today and I will prove this to you!

                    Profile Image                        - Matthew A Wilhelm
                      Vice President & COO


Phone: (520) 682-4330 Ext. 15
Email: matt@interlnx.com