Quality Assurance Provisions

QAP_01: Flow Down Requirements

QAP_02: Records Retention

QAP_03: First Article Inspection

QAP_04: Packing, Packaging, and Preservation

QAP_05: Certificate of Compliance Requirements 

QAP_06: Safety Data Sheets

QAP_07: Right of Access

QAP_08: Calibration Standards Traceability

QAP_09: Counterfeit Materials Avoidance

QAP_10: Shelf Life Communication

QAP_11: Shipping Tolerance

QAP_12: Tubing, Wire, and Cable Packaging Requirements

QAP_13: RoHS Compliance

QAP_15: Shipping From the Same Manufacturer Lot

QAP_16: Shelf Life Communication

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